Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting the 2010-2011 School Year

The beginning of my school year was sure to be somewhat crazy with an original roster of 29 third grade students.  I wasn't sure where I was even going to put them all, but it all worked out.  Three of the 29 didn't even show the first day, so I was left with a little uncertainty of my actual numbers until after the first week.  I ended up starting the school year with 26 kiddos and kept the same 26 until after Christmas break. 

I had the scoreboard up in the classroom and ready to go and dove right in with the 5 classroom rules.  Rule #5 quickly became my kids' favorite.  We mastered the classroom rules quickly and they could tell me right away what every rule was, what it meant, and could show me how they all looked!  We were well on our way.  My kiddos loved the scoreboard right away...something about competing against the teacher! 

I had looked at several of the WBT eBooks, but still wasn't entirely sure where I wanted to start.  I loved the PowerPix and was anxious to start finding ones that would apply to our district curriculum.  I was amazed at how many correlated perfectly and would be useful in my classroom!  So, I had a lot of learning that needed to take place on my part and on the part of my students.

This was just the beginning, but I felt like this was something that I had to give a try and follow it through.

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