Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Class Leaders

Last week I posted some photos of my PowerPix walls, Class Leaders wall, Genius Ladder, Scoreboard, Practice Cards, and Rules.  I've had a few questions about how my Class Leaders wall, and I'm thrilled to share! 

My Class Leaders wall has a Class/Yes leader, Mirror leader, Teach/Okay leader, Rules leader, Hands and Eyes leader, PowerPix leader, Mighty Oh Yeah! leader, Mighty Groan leader, Human Counter leader, and Stopwatch leader.  I don't utilize every leader every day, however I do use a Class/Yes leader, Mirror leader, Teach/Okay leader, Rules leader, Hands and Eyes leader, PowerPix leader, Mighty Oh Yeah! and Mighty Groan leaders daily.  I put one Velcro dot on each leader spot on my wall, and then I took pictures of my kiddos by themselves.  I then laminated the pictures and put a Velcro dot on the backs of their pictures.  When I choose my leaders, and I choose them according to leadership quality and homework, I place their picture on the leadership position they are going to hold that day.  I then place a button on their desk that they will wear throughout the day.  They are super pumped about seeing their pics on the wall and getting to wear the buttons.  I don't use them every time I need something, so I can keep them on their toes a bit.  When I need a Class/Yes, I simply point to or tap that class leader on the shoulder.  This goes for all my other leadership positions.  My PowerPix leader is one I'm really excited about because they can get up in front of the class and review PowerPix we've already learned about so far this year!

I have a few students that haven't been able to be leaders yet this year, but they really want that leadership position.  I have explained to them what it takes to be a leader in my classroom.  This has improved their behavior in my room...not to the point of leadership yet, but they're getting close. 

I hope this helps explain my leadership wall a bit.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy times!

I know it's been a few weeks, but I think we're on track now.  My classroom has been a whirlwind since the first week.  I have added a student teacher to the mix, and have learned rather quickly that I have several challenging students this year.  We're getting things rolling and WBT is proving effective with classroom management.  I'm trying to mentor the new 3rd grade teacher and train her in the ways of WBT, while also trying to train my student teacher as well!  Both of them are totally on board with WBT and loving every minute; however, they are both trying to learn the curriculum and a teaching style at the same time. 

My PowerPix walls are up and being added to almost daily.  I've also created some science and social studies PowerPix and they are up on some other walls.  They don't totally have the grid system added to them, but they are proving to be very effective.  My kiddos love the PowerPix!  If I don't have one for a skill we are teaching, they get a little upset!

I need to get started on the Improver Wall as well, as I think it would be beneficial in my classroom.  It would be a great tool to use with some of my more disruptive learners. 

Adding some pics of all the stuff I have up and running so far.  Please be sure to give me some feedback.  Looking forward to hearing from all of you!