Thursday, July 21, 2011

Had to Learn More!!!!

So, I had been using WBT in my classroom, reading the eBooks, and checking out the website, but I still had to learn more!  Another colleague of mine approached me about attending a WBT conference in Phoenix.  I was all for it!  We checked with our principal and were given permission to go.  Of course, we had to pay our own way, but they wouldn't dock us the days we were gone.  We checked into the conference and ended up making all of our arrangements for a January conference in Phoenix!  We were pumped. 

WBT was running fairly smoothly in my classroom.  The scoreboard was keeping my class on track with behavior.  The PowerPix were proving to be very effective, and the Teach/Okay was a huge hit with all of my kids.  They would constantly tell me how much they loved third grade because they got to teach each other and talk.  This was the first year that discipline problems were almost non-existent.  I was so excited about the upcoming conference in Phoenix and learning more about WBT!

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