Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sorry it's been awhile!

Hey everyone! 

So sorry that it has been so long since my last post!  Things have been crazy here.  I have now taken back over my classroom, since my student teacher has moved on to her next assignment, and am still busy mentoring our new 3rd grade teacher, writing up articles for our district newsletter, and presenting on WBT!  That doesn't even top being a wife, mommy of 2 boys, and expecting baby number 3! 

I have my Super Improver Wall up and running.  I have included a picture of it, so you can all see how I have it working for me!  I also included some updated photos of my PowerPix walls, and my Class Leaders board to show how it works for me to rotate pictures. 

Class Leaders Board:
 My Math PowerPix Wall:
 My Communication Arts PowerPix Wall:
My Super Improver Wall:

As for my Super Improver Wall, every student has their own card with 10 different colored levels.  They get to place their stars on the bottom color, which I have labeled as Fiery Red.  Once they earn 10 stars, they move up to the next level, which is Sunny Yellow, and so on.  After four levels, they get their silly picture taken, which is turned backwards until they earn 5 more stars.  Then they get to flip it over and continue up their card!  This is working wonderfully for me, so I wanted to share it.  It keeps me from having to change their names on different colors, and it saves on stars because they can pick whatever color star they want to place on the different colored levels!  I love how they applaud each other when someone in the class earns a star. 

Please feel free to share your feedback.  I love to hear other Whole Brain Teaching ideas!



  1. I just found your blog via Pinterest...and I have to say, you gave me a GREAT idea! I LOVE your super improver wall! I was going to go to the clip chart this year, but honestly, I hate it! I hate when kids have to move down! I mean, a warning and a think about it card are you really have to make kids move a clip down? So...I think I like your idea SO much better! I like having kids cheer another kid on when they get a sticker...super cool! And I have a list of a ton of fun cheers!

    I am your newest follower!

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